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Our Branding Portfolio

Since its founding in 2019, LEO Digital Marketing has been at the forefront of creative innovation, offering bespoke logo and branding services that truly capture the essence of each brand we work with. Our dedication to excellence and a deep understanding of visual storytelling have empowered us to craft distinctive identities that not only stand out in the marketplace but also resonate deeply with the target audience. Below, we highlight some of our most memorable branding projects, each showcasing our commitment to transforming client visions into compelling brand realities.

Graphic Designers
Public Work Space
Untitled design (22).png

We developed a lively and captivating brand identity for Porchlio, a start-up in property management software, leveraging fun, bold colors and unique fonts to ensure it stands out in the industry. This fresh and innovative branding approach highlights Porchlio's commitment to bringing a new perspective to property management, appealing directly to its target audience.

Dairy Farm
Untitled design (21).png
Weber Rose Farms

We thoughtfully developed a brand identity for Weber Rose Farms, a family-owned cattle farm in Kimbolton, Ohio, emphasizing their commitment to quality freezer beef with a focus on their heritage and expertise in cattle farming. Our design prominently features a Hereford cow, symbolizing the farm's core business and values, capturing the essence of their work and connecting with customers on a genuine level. This branding approach not only elevates their presence in the market but also strengthens their identity as a trusted provider of sustainable, high-quality beef.

Empty Bar
Untitled design (23).png
The Bullpen Sports Bar

We rose to the challenge of creating a unique logo and brand identity for The Bullpen Sports Bar, ingeniously combining the elements of toughness, baseball, and cooking into a cohesive and striking design. Featuring a fierce bull character engaging in both baseball and culinary activities, we crafted an image that captures the bar's spirited and multifaceted ambiance. This inventive approach not only met the client's vision but also set The Bullpen Sports Bar apart, offering a memorable visual representation of its brand ethos.

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