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Non-profit marketing

Get your non-profit recognized.

Marketing isn't just for bussinesses.

Why You Need Digital Marketing

Charity Drive

Non-profits need digital marketing just like a business does. You have different goals but can utilize the same methods to accomplish them.

Having a strong online presence will position your non-profit and cause for success. With a steady stream of social media content, blogs, emails, and more you can raise awareness of your cause, increase donations, and attract new volunteers to help out.

What To Expect Working With Us

Sharing Ideas
Increased volunteer numbers

By creating a steady stream of social media content and email campaigns we can attract new volunteers and spark previous volunteers to re-engage and take action.

Boost in donations

Online donations account for 17.8% of all donations according to the Black Baud Institute. Those donations can only happen when people are able to find you

Community awareness of your cause

Getting the community aware and engaged with your cause will provide a huge boost to your efforts. Social media is a fantastic avenue to build community awareness.

Amplified engagement

The more engagement the better. This is true for both businesses and non-profits. The more buzz surrounding you and your cause the better. 

Event success

Event success is determined by how many people attend and makes a contribution. The more people that know about your mission and event the more chances you have to sell out and increase donations.

Work With An Expert Marketing Team

Raise awareness for your cause with us.

The LEO Digital Marketing Difference

Business Meeting

We got our start working with non-profits so we know how to build an engaging and successful online presence that draws in new volunteers, and donations, and increases local awareness of your cause.

What Our Clients Say

I enjoy working with Seth Flora of LEO Digital Marketing. He's friendly, conscientious, and keeps my social media sites hopping with good content.

Nancy Flinchbaugh

REACHING OUR CUSTOMERS is the main goal of our business at Bushnell Event Center. Seth has been a joy to work with!!! He sees my vision even though sometimes its hard to explain. Now, I don't have to remember to post on Facebook he does that for me!!!

Lisa Behr
Bushnell Event Center

LEO has been a great solution for our Social Media needs, very adept at keeping us online and broadcasting across the internet through various platforms.

David Smiddy
Warder Literacy Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do I need?

Each non-profit is different and requires a unique plan for success. We will work with you to determine which services best suite your needs.

Do you work with non-profits?

Yes. When we first launched our initial clients were non-profits. We enjoy joining them in their cause and volunteering where we can.

How do we get started?

To get started working with us or even to just learn more about us you can give us a call or schedule a free consultation.

Do we really need to be online?

Yes. A non-profit that has a strong online presence can generate new energy around its cause while raising funds and gaining new volunteers.

How long do results take?

That depends on what your goals are and how strong of an online presence you already have. 

What's the cost?

We understand that non-profits don't have huge budgets like businesses. This is why we offer discounted packages for our non-profit clients as well as custom packages that can fit into your budget.

Reach New Heights With LEO

Let's take your cause online!

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