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16 reasons to visit Springfield Ohio

Photo by Rod Hatfield:

Have you ever thought about taking a road trip and exploring some of the most exciting places America has to offer? If you have then you should consider making Springfield Ohio your next road trip destination. Springfield is home to some fantastic small businesses, great bike paths, hiking trails, and rich history. Springfield, located between Dayton and Columbus Ohio is packed full of fun for everyone. As a native to the Springfield area, I have seen the tremendous progress this city has made in recent years to become a better place to live, work, and play. With that said, here are my top 16 things to do in Springfield Ohio.

Paint at Sip N Dipity

Sip N Dipity, located at 117 S. Fountain Ave and owned by Tracey Tackett, defines itself as “A Social Art-working studio for in person and online crafty paint parties!” according to their Facebook page. On their website, they state that the concept is simple: “Drink wine. Make art. Have fun." Scrolling through all the photos on Facebook and the website you can tell that the people who come here know how to have a good time.

Mother Stewarts

Photo by Rod Hatfield:

Mother Stewarts, located at 102 W. Columbia St, is a family-owned local brewery that serves a variety of different drinks ranging from IPA's to wines and spirits. They host some amazing events that engage the community along with providing a place for local bands to share their music.

The Painted Pepper

The Painted Pepper is one of my favorite places to grab lunch and meet with friends, family, and clients. Located inside of the CoHatch at 101 S. Fountain in downtown Springfield. The Painted Pepper has the best tacos around. My personal go-to taco meal is the pork taco with hot sauce and a Coke in a glass bottle.

The Warder Literacy Center

The Warder Literacy Center is more than just a place for people seeking to improve their English skills, they also have a top-tier used bookstore with prices ranging from $1 - $3 per book! The building is also a work of art and by far the best exterior in all of Springfield (IMO)

Coffee Expressions

Located at 1111 N. Plum on the outskirts of downtown Springfield lies a small coffee shop that has a great atmosphere and great drinks! I have at least one meeting per week here as I can't turn down the opportunity to soak in the delicious smells and get my signature coffee.

Sage & Oak

All Seasons Restaurant and Catering

This restaurant has some of the most amazing-looking and tasting food in all of Springfield. All Seasons has a wide variety of delicious meals for dining in, events, and even a food truck for fans on the go!

South Side Squeeze

A food truck that does more than sell tasty juices. According to their website, "Southside Squeeze exists to counteract the negative traditions that have ingrained themselves in our community by enlightening the community that raised us." Serving a variety of flavorful juices, my favorite being the Black Excellence (Which is made of apple, pear, and raspberry), they also do meaningful work in the community to give back.

The Market Bar

If you're visiting and want to grab a fancy drink then The Market Bar is the first place you should head to. With mixed drinks to fit your style, The Market Bar is a great place to grab drinks while out with friends. Located at 101 S. Fountain inside the CoHatch this mixed drink bar sits in the heart of downtown Springfield and is a great place to go with friends.


I'm not much of a bike rider, but I do like to stop in at Cylotherapy once in a while to see the great selection of bikes and accessories they have on display. Located at 40 W. High St they have a prime location that puts them within walking, or riding, distance of all the other amazing shops downtown.

The Gammon House

Now a museum dedicated to African American history in the greater Springfield area the Gammon house used to serve as a stop on the Underground Railroad. You can schedule tours of this historic landmark by going to their website.

Hartman Rock garden

To quote from their Facebook page "The Hartman Rock Garden was created by Harry "Ben" Hartman from 1932 through 1944. This remarkable garden includes over 250,000 individual stones that combine a mixture of history, religion, and depression-era pop culture". The Hartman Rock garden is a majestic place to take a stroll and admire the hard work that Harry Hartman put into building this piece of art. If you are a photographer wanting to add some stunning photos to your collection then make sure to make a stop.

The Farmers Market

Every summer the folks over at visit Greater Springfield put on the farmers market giving local businesses, farmers, and musicians the opportunity to grow their reach, customer base, and sell their amazing products. Each week you will find some new and interesting local vender.

The Heritage Museum

Springfield has such a rich history. Thankfully the Heritage Museum, in the old Springfield City hall building, allows you to tour at no cost and emerge yourself in Springfield history. Multiple floors are dedicated to hundreds of years of history from the local Native American tribes to the hallmark of Springfield manufacturing.

These are just some of the amazing things you can do if you visit our city. You can learn more about all there is to do in Springfield by checking out the HubSpringfield website and subscribing to their newsletter.

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