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Warder Literacy Center Case Study

The Problem

Before we began working with the Warder Literacy Center their social media profiles were rarely used. When we conducted an audit we saw that some months they would post 3-4 times and other months not at all. This inconsistent posting made it difficult for them to build an online presence that worked for them.

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When we started working with the Warder Literacy Center we had a clear set of goals that we wanted to achieve: To build online audiences, promote mission and events, and attract volunteers/donations.

The Strategy

To create unique content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that engages with users and encourages them to take the desired action.

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We started posting content to find which days were the best to post to maximize reach and engagement. Once we determined the best days, we started posting the most valuable content on those days while filling the other days with less valuable content. Since the Warder Literacy Center is a local nonprofit we were able to leverage local Facebook groups to increase our organic reach.

The Results

We currently reach, on average, around 20,000 users each month across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We have grown the online following by nearly 800 across all platforms, and have had over 30 people sign up to volunteer as tutors.

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