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Why Hashtags Are Vital for Instagram Marketing

Because Instagram offers such an easy way to share photos and videos with friends, followers, and the world at large, it’s no surprise that more and more people are signing up every day. In fact, this photo-based social network now has over 800 million active users! And if you’re one of those people, or you want to be one of those people (or your business wants to be on Instagram), it’s vital that you find ways to grow your following. Hashtags can help you do just that in numerous ways.

How #hashtags allow you to find other accounts

Instagram is a perfect example of a social network that’s completely reliant on hashtags. If you want to find accounts similar to yours or discover new accounts in your niche, hashtags are how you do it. For example, if you were searching for fashion brands on Instagram, typing #fashion into Instagram’s search bar would bring up all of those brands. You could then choose to follow all of those brands from one place and potentially connect with them later down the line.

How #hashtags help your posts get seen by larger audiences

#Hashtag strategies are vital to your Instagram marketing efforts. When you add a hashtag to a post, it allows users to easily find your content. For example, if you add #wanderlust along with a photo of Machu Picchu on Instagram, anyone can search that hashtag and find your photo. By adding #wanderlust, you're broadening your audience and allowing new users to discover you.

How #hashtags can help you build your followers

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram. They’re a way to connect with your audience, and help them find you when they search for similar content. But hashtag usage can be a little intimidating—or confusing, at least. Do you use them? How many do you use? When do you use them? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before posting on Instagram

Tips for creating a hashtag strategy

A hashtag strategy is not about overdoing it with hashtags, but rather, using them strategically to attract relevant users. For example, you don’t want to use a popular hashtag like #Instagram if your Instagram photos aren’t actually related to that hashtag. You can see how using hashtags related to your niche could bring in more targeted users who are interested in that niche and tag their own content with it. Even if they don’t follow you or like your photo right away, at least they’re being exposed to what you have going on online and might be inclined to check out more of your posts.

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