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TikTok Kitchen, viral meals delivered to your door

Image Credits: Virtual Dining Concepts

Have you ever been scrolling through TikTok and found a video of a delicious meal and wish that you could have it delivered right to your door like it was on Doordash or UberEats? Well, your wish is coming true.

On December 17th the tech giant and popular social media platform shared plans to launch TikTok Kitchen in March of 2022. According to TikTok, they are planning to open 300 restaurants early next year with the ambitious goal of finishing 2022 with 1,000 total locations. Food, cooking, and recipes have become a successful part of the social media platform that sees 1 billion users each month.

TikTok said that their menu will be based on viral recipes on their platform and plan on changing the menu up every quarter to reflect the most current and popular dishes. An example of the power of TikTok's influence, baked feta pasta is Google's most-searched recipe of 2021 in large part to the popularity of viral videos. Some other popular meals that we could see early next year would include Smash burger and corn ribs.

Partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts who works with the popular Mr. Beast Burger will give TikTok the tools they need to turn their virtual kitchen into a hit. According to VDC's website:

The team here at LEO Digital Marketing is excited about this new launch and to try some of our favorite viral recipes that make out mouths water.

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