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The 7 benefits of having a website for small businesses

Every strong digital marketing strategy includes a quality website that features all the tools your business needs to close sales, schedule bookings, take online payments, sell products, or more. If you do a quick Google search for other businesses like yours you are probably going to find that many of them are on social media and have a website. The LEO Digital Marketing team has put together a list of 7 benefits small businesses and nonprofits can capitalize on simply by having a custom website designed and built for your needs.

Makes you appear more professional

When looking for a particular business my first search might be on Facebook or Google. If all I can find is a Facebook page and no website, then I am going to be less likely to work with you or buy from you. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons why. One of them is that I might assume that since I can’t find a website that you are not large enough to take on my project. Another might be that I want more information that I can’t find on your social media channels and am only willing to look so far and for so long before moving on to the competition. Now, let’s say I do a Google search for a business in your industry and your webpage is listed and has information I am looking for, I can schedule a call or buy a product directly from the site. As a buyer, I am more likely to work with you if that’s the case. But why? It’s because your site makes you appear to be more professional. I as a consumer want to work, schedule, and buy from a company that seems competent and professional, and having a website helps make that decision easier.

You can boost sales with an online store

If you sell a product in a brick and mortar store you are limited to selling to those who make a physical visit to your shop during your regular business hours. Opening up an online store with all of your goods allows you to also gain new customers from all around the world who might be shopping for a product you sell at a time of day when your store isn’t open.

Schedule appointments online

If you are a business that relies on scheduled appointments and bookings but doesn’t have an online method of scheduling them then you could be losing out to those who do. For example, a member of the LEO Digital Marketing team was recently looking to schedule a spa day for herself. She looked at some of the local options and noticed that none of them had a way to schedule online but instead required her to call in and schedule. She is usually very busy with her work with us and home life so calling in to talk with someone to try and find a time that works for them both was just not in the cards. Instead, she went out of town to a spa that allowed her to schedule online. Scheduling online is about the convenience you provide to your customers and clients.

Build an email list

Email is a powerful tool that every business should be using on some level. With your own website, you can take control of your subscribers.

Shows that you exist

In the digital age, a website is a must because it provides visitors with vital information to make the decision of where to spend their time and money. Without that online brochure that is a website, some online users might assume that you don’t exist at all because they can’t find you in their Google search.

Help customers choose you

Your website is your online brochure; it’s where customers go to learn if you are a good fit for their needs. Picture this: You're shopping around for a plumber by looking online and at their sites to see if they can tackle your busted pipes. During your search, you find two plumbing companies and view each site to learn more. Plumbing company A has tons of information about the types of jobs they take on (on being busted pipes), allows you to schedule online, their rates, and is well put together and easy to navigate. Plumbing site B has little information, the only way to contact them and schedule is to make a phone call, and the site is difficult to navigate. Which plumbing business are you choosing?

Increases credibility

Not having a website will make you seem suspicious and have some questioning if you are legit. In the digital age one of the factors that go into choosing a business to work with.

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