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How to boost sales using Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools you have to boost your sales? But it can be difficult to do if you don’t have a strong strategy or are familiar with how to navigate the jungle that is Facebook.

We have worked with dozens of small businesses and nonprofits in all areas and the one that keeps coming up as the most effective way to boost sales has been Facebook. Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook to get more sales.

Post valuable content.

Content is king for a reason. Make sure that when you are posting content to your Facebook page that it is valuable to the people who you want to see it. If your business is selling jewelry you probably shouldn't post content that talks about used cars. Now I know that example is obvious and if you run a jewelry store you probably aren't posting about used cars but you might post about something that your customers aren't really interested in and doesn't help you sell more rings. We suggest following the 80/20 rule and post content that 80% of the time focuses on something other than sales and 20% of the posts focus on sales. This is a good way to not harass your followers with constant sales pitches and messages.

Run ads

Facebook ads, if done right, can be the most effective way to get new sales. Facebook allows you to target your ideal audience from all across the world. If you are selling band T-shirts you can target people who like music, the band, T-shirts, or anything else related to the things you are selling. You can also target people who are more likely to be active purchasers who have a history of buying similar products off of Facebook. Running ads also has the benefit of getting your name and brand out there to people who have not ever seen your page or heard of your business before.

Optimize your Facebook page and shop

This is one of those that seems like it is a no-brainer but is often forgotten about by many business owners and inexperienced Facebook marketers. Using high-resolution photos of your products along with a well-written description will make it easier for people to make the choice to buy from you. Use keywords in the title and description of your products to help them get seen by more people. Send users to your website to purchase your goods so you, this will give you more marketing options in the future.

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