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How to beat your competition by ranking at the top of Google

Always be posting quality content

There is a reason “Content is king”. But not all content is viewed the same as Google. Your content needs to not only be 300+ characters long but also provide the reader with valuable information related to what they searched for because it will make you an authority on the topic which makes readers more likely to read your future blogs and it will keep them on the page longer which shows the Google algorithm that your site and content are valuable.

Keywords and backlinks are vital

Utilizing keywords on your important pages and strong backlinks will go a long way to beat your competition by ranking at the top of Google. Let’s cover the basics here. Keywords are words or phrases that when searched in Google can lead someone to your site. For example, Your business is Todd’s Muffins. You use the keywords “Todd’ Muffins”. When a Google user in your area searches for the term “Todd’s Muffins” you are likely going to be the top result. Now that we have covered that, let's talk about backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site found on other websites. For example, you write an article for a site and they use your link in the article. Keywords and backlinks are vital because they help build your reputation, get visitors to your site, and build authority.

Be mobile-friendly

Almost every site is viewed from a phone or tablet. If your site isn't mobile-friendly then it will most likely have a high bounce rate and can hurt your ranking. Why does it cause a high bounce rate? Because when a site is not optimized for mobile use it doesn't fit with the dimensions of the device. This can make it difficult for the user to find what they need or do what they need to do. This is an easy fix depending on who built your site.

Get good reviews

Good reviews can make or break your business. A lot of good reviews on Google not only show potential customers that you are worth their time and money but also show Google that you are a quality business that people want to go to. When Google sees that they will give your site a boost in searches because they believe that you and your site have something to offer.

Keep visitors on your site longer

We touched on this earlier. Keeping visitors on your site for as long as possible shows Google that your site has information or content worthy of people spending their time visiting your site. Take for example social media sites. People are on them for hours a day. Google sees that and knows that whatever it is that they are doing is valuable.

Use tools to check your site for improvements

Make sure you are checking your SEO frequently. You do not want to fall behind your competition because you didn't check that the keywords, backlinks, or blog posts are doing what you want them to do. Luckily there are some great tools out there to check this information out and some even give you recommendations on how to improve your overall SEO score.

In conclusion,

To beat your competition by ranking at the top of Google you need a strong SEO strategy that consists of strong quality content, utilize keywords and backlinks, be mobile-friendly, get customers to leave reviews on Google, keep visitors on your page for as long as you can, and use tools to check your SEO score. SEO is the key in competitive markets to standing out in Google searches against your competition. Hiring SEO Companies may be the way to go.

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