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5 tested strategies to boost your brand and increase sales

Be consistent.

One of the best ways to boost your brand and increase sales is to be consistent with your posts, blogs, and other online content. This means you post regularly, use the same voice, same color scheme, and a call to action that works for your customers or clients.

Make it personal

Have you ever seen an ad or product being sold and thought “That was made just for me!”? That’s because companies make their marketing about you. You need to find your customer's pain points and not only create a solution but be the solution.


What is retargeting? It's when you target those who have already visited your site with social media and web ads. This is a very powerful tool that puts you in front of people who have either already bought from you or people who considered buying from you. It also has the benefit of boosting your brand identity.

Engage with customers, clients, and social media users.

A great way to build your reputation is to engage with people. When a customer buys from you make sure they get an email that thanks them and offers them some sort of discount or special offer for making a purchase. When a client signs on, send them a note that lets them know you are excited to work with them. When someone comments on your post make sure you like and reply.

Create a # campaign

Hashtags are great for bringing people together with similar interests. Creating a hashtag campaign for your business can lead to people promoting your business for you just by posting a picture or telling a story and using your hashtag!

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