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5 reasons you should run Facebook ads


One of the things that separates Facebook marketing and ads from the old-fashioned way in print, on billboards, or on TV is that they allow you to target your specific and ideal customer. If your ideal customer is women ages 35-45 in Columbus Ohio who read books on squirrels, then Facebooks unique targeting system will allow your ads to reach those people.


With the right tools and software in place, you can put together a list of Facebook users who clicked your ad and left your site without taking the next step you wanted them to. With retargeting, you can reach these exact users and entice them to come back to your site and take the action you want them too.


Unlike running ads in the paper, on TV, or on billboards, all of which can start out costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, Facebook is very affordable and can work around almost any budget. For example: the $1,000 you spend on one billboard that will only reach people when they are driving could be spent on a set of Facebook ads that reach people when they are home on their computer or phone and actually able to take the next step in your sales funnel.

Easy to understand analytics

Facebook ads have advanced yet easy to understand analytics that can show you who is taking the desired action, who is seeing the ad, how much each click is costing you, if users see the ad on their phone, pc, or other device, etc. This information is invaluable because it can help you narrow down your audience and get more results.

Generates traffic to your website

When you launch an ad that directs people to your site each time a user clicks on the ad they will be sent to your site. If done right the link will take them to your sales funnel and eventually a new customer or client. Website traffic is also a key factor in getting your site ranked at the top of Google searches and the more users who click on your ad the higher chance you have of ranking first.

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