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4 reasons your social media is failing

Working with and talking to businesses and non-profits we discovered 4 reasons why your social media isn't working.

1. Your "Plan" isn't a plan.

If you are just posting content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others without thinking "How is this post going to bring my business or non-profit what I want?" then you aren't doing social media right. You need to map out your posts, what you want them to do for your business, and where you want them to take users. Each post needs to have a reason for being posted other than just to have content.

2. Posting only memes.

Posting memes related to your business or non-profit is a great way to break up the meaningful posts and get likes ad shares but if all you're doing is posting memes then you are making it harder to get social media to work for you. Stick to the 80/20 rule and you should be fine.

3. Your content doesn't match.

This is a big one. Making sure that your posts have a consistent theme is vital for your social media strength and brand identity. For example, one post has red, green, and blue with a modern font type and the next post has purple, white, and brown with an older style font type. People looking at these two posts are most likely going to be confused. You do not want to confuse people.

4. Spelling and grammar.

It seems like one of those things that everyone should already know and not have a problem with but it isn't. We have seen countless posts with misspelled words or bad grammar. In some cases that can work depending on the business/non-profit and the goal of the post. The occasional typo and missed comma aren't going to kill your social media game but when it happens all the time then it becomes an issue.

Worried that getting social media to work for you is going to be more work than expected? Don't. We can handle your social media needs and make it work for you. Click here to set up a call.

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