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3 types of blogs that can boost your site traffic, increase sales, and build your brand.

Have you thought about adding a blog to your marketing strategy because of the boost it can give your SEO and the traffic it can bring but not sure where to start? Here are 3 types of blogs that can boost your site traffic, increase sales, and build your brand.


We have all clicked on a Top-10 list while scrolling through social media. That’s because top-X blogs work. We are automatically drawn to these types of blogs because they grab our attention right away and are broken down into more digestible bite-size pieces of information that we can handle. While doing research for this blog we found several blogs that used this same style. We see groups like ESPN and Watch MOJO use top-X lists all the time with the Top-10 plays of the night or the Top-10 Star Wars Characters.


Blogs are a great way for people to find real informational information about many different topics (like writing a blog!). These are your “How to…” blogs. If you have ever Googled how to do anything and you found a site that had answers you were most likely reading a blog. These blogs are great for bringing in new readers who, depending on the topic, can become clients/customers.


If you live a life worth reading about then write about it! Then put it on your site! Did you just get back from vacation? Write about it. Have a great food recipe? Post it! Found a new favorite movie? Tell us about it! Did you discover a cool new band? Let the world know!

These types of blogs have the potential to bring in huge amounts of traffic. More traffic = more users on your site which can lead to more sales, donations, or whatever your goal is! For a lot of people writing is a struggle. You have the ideas but just can’t put them on paper (or in a word doc) or you know that blogs will help you get more traffic but just don’t have any ideas.

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