The 7 benefits of having a website for small businesses


Every strong digital marketing strategy includes a quality website that features all the tools your business needs to close sales, schedule bookings, take online payments, sell products, or more. If you do a quick Google search for other businesses like yours you are probably going to find that many of them are on social media and have a website. The LEO Digital Marketing team has put together a list of 7 benefits small businesses and nonprofits can capitalize on simply by having a custom website designed and built for your needs.



Makes you appear more professional


When looking for a particular business my first search might be on Facebook or Google. If all I can find is a Facebook page and no website, then I am going to be less likely to work with you or buy from you. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons why. One of them is that I might assume that since I can’t find a website that you are not large enough to take on my project. Another might be that I want more information that I can’t find on your social media channels and am only willing to look so far and for so long before moving on to the competition. Now, let’s say I do a Google search for a business in your industry and your webpage is listed and has information I am looking for, I can schedule a call or buy a product directly from the site. As a buyer, I am more likely to work with you if that’s the case. But why? It’s because your site makes you appear to be more professional. I as a consumer want to work, schedule, and buy from a company that seems competent and professional, and having a website helps make that decision easier.