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If you're not online you're unknown. Make sure your dental practice is known with LEO Digital Marketing.


We know what your business needs: More patients.

What role do we play? We make sure that your dental practice has a strong online presence, both on Google and on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

We know how to work with dental groups like yours.

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For any business, marketing is just as important as the product/service itself. A Dentist might have the best team and be able to make every patient feel comfortable, but if they don’t advertise their services and gain more clients, their company won’t thrive.

Marketing allows you to spread the word about your business and attract new patients that would have otherwise never known you existed.

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About LEO Digital Marketing

In 2019 we set out on a journey to provide affordable, measurable results to small businesses and non-profits. Since then, we have worked with companies and non-profits of all sizes in an effort to reimagine their online presence. 

We are passionate about giving back and being involved in the communities we work in. This is why we have clocked over 300 hours of community service since our founding.


Our team of marketers, designers, and writers has over 40 years of combined experience that puts us in a unique position to hit the ground running for you.

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Digital Marketing Services for Dentists

We know that hiring a digital marketing agency to market your massage business is an investment - but hiring the right agency is an investment that pays off.

Our team of dedicated professionals will get your appointment book full.

Regardless if you have a large or small team, we will help your dental practice grow.


We will make sure that your site is easily found by customers.

We will help you build positive reviews that build your reputation.

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Digital Marketing Services

Why we're different

We'll work with you to tailor our strategy to the needs of your industry and your specific business.

We are aware of the dental industry's particular requirements. For instance, we recognize that many people who visit your website are doing so because they have some sort of tooth concern or need to schedule a cleaning.

This influences the way we build and design your website. Our aim is to make sure that when they leave your website, they do it with an appointment on the books.

Additionally, we have firsthand experience with how social media can help dental practices expand.

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What to expect

Increased Organic Traffic

When more people search for relevant terms, they will notice your company's website on the results page since your search engine visibility has improved.

Greater Online Engagement

Nowadays, when we are interested in a subject, we frequently look it up online. The facts people discover while searching for your business should be persuasive and reliable.

Boost Social Media Reach

Everyone is on social media nowadays. By having a strong presence on the major platforms, you can reach a whole new range of customers.

Strengthen Your Reputation

When making a decision about which company to choose from, customers are going to use online reviews as an important metric. Making sure that your positive reviews can easily be found will lead to more customers.

More Bookings

With more traffic and reach along with easily found positive reviews, more customers are likely to call you.

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