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Make your business recognizable with LEO Digital Marketing.


A brand is a powerful force in today's digital world. It encompasses the things you see, hear, and experience while interacting with a company and its products and services - including everything from the design of the website to what people say about it online. A strong brand helps customers know what to expect when they engage with your business. Creating a branded product or service - whether it's new software or an advertising campaign - starts by understanding how it will be perceived by those in touch with it.

Working Together on Project

In 2019 we set out on a journey to provide affordable, measurable results to small businesses and non-profits. Since then, we have worked with companies and non-profits of all sizes in an effort to reimagine their online presence. 

We are passionate about giving back and being involved in the communities we work in. This is why we have clocked over 300 hours of community service since our founding.


Our team of marketers, designers, and writers has over 40 years of combined experience that puts us in a unique position to hit the ground running for you.

Our Work

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Empty Streets

A brand is the collective impression of a company in the minds of those who have come into contact with it. A company creates a brand by managing how it affects people through all they see, hear, and experience.

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How your brand affects your business

Your brand is more than just a logo and some colors. It should reflect your business personality.

When we think of brand giants like Apple and Coca-Cola we recognize their brand identities and immediately think of a high-powered computer or phone and a delicious soft drink. 

A great brand can convince customers to choose your business because it resonates with them.

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Urban Modern Interior Design

What's included

Logo Design

Your logo is the first thing customers will see. That's why it's so important for it to work on all levels and convey your story.

Brand Guide

A brand guide will assist you in creating future graphics and materials as it outlines the rules to follow for your brand to be consistent across all mediums.

Customer Personas

Part of a successful brand is knowing who your customers are, what they think, how they speak, and more. We will build customer personas that will help you to better understand your customers.

Brand Story

A brand story helps build that crucial relationship with your customers and gives them the extra information they need to not only trust you but to buy from you.

Materials Design

From business cards to stationary your business needs printed materials that reflect your brand identity. We will design  a wide range of marketing materials that convey your brand message and make you stand out.

Your brand matters.

LEO Digital Marketing is a top branding firm.

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Creative Working

What to expect


Each design we craft comes with up to 5 revisions. This ensures that your brand is just right.

100% Unique

Your logo and marketing materials will be 100% unique. This is because we don't use templates but design each detail ourselves.

Our Process

We will send you a questionnaire that will help us get the ball rolling on the design process.

Our team will create 3 versions of your logo and marketing materials. We will send those to you for your thoughts and input.

We'll use your input in making the first revision and follow that same process until we get everything right.

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