What is it?

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Below we attached a few examples of ad copy we have used for our clients when we ran Facebook ads. 
Above: We ran an ad for Jakes Pizza. Our ad copy is designed to make your mouth water and belly rumble as you read. 
Below: We ran an ad for Bugglin Pet Adoption. They had more puppies than they could handle and they needed help giving them a good home. Our goal was to make sure that readers knew that they are missing out on the love of a furry friend.

How to write ad copy

One strategy to writing good ad copy is to use the AIDA formula. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This is the formula we use when creating ads for our clients.

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AIDA is essentially a funnel designed to grab the readers' attention, pique their interest, make them want what you have, and get them to take the action you want them to take. Below we have provided a chart with a brief description of each term and an example of copy.

Final thoughts

Your ad copy can make or break your ad campaign. If your copy isn't able to get someone's attention, draw their interest, make them desire what you're selling and then take action to buy it then you need to work to improve the ad copy. Try making a game out of it with your team. Have everyone write ad copy using the AIDA method. Pick the copy that made you most likely to buy the product or service.