A/B Split Testing

Below we cover what A/B split testing is and how to use it toyour advantage when running ads and creating content on your site.
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What is it?

A/B Split Testing takes the guesswork out of optimization by giving you hard data on what drives results. It allows you to test 2 different methods to see which performs best. 


Below we have two landing page designs with two differences - the button color and the background color. If we ran an A/B Split Test with these two designs we would be able to tell if people are more likely to click on the light background with a dark button design or the dark background with an orange button design. Studies show that brighter colored CTA buttons get more clicks so our hypothesis is that variant B will perform better than variant A.
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Below we have a few examples in the form of an email A/B Split Test.
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This first email example shows the A/B of the designs. Our second example will show the difference in headlines.
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How to use it

You can use this with social media ads where you split test different colors or designs like in the example above or you can test with different ad copy to see if changing a word here and there improves your conversion rate. You can also use this for landing pages and other website content to see which gets you more leads, sales, or signups. 

Final thoughts

A/B Split Testing will help you get the most out of your online content and give you insights into how your customers behave and what they prefer which can make getting sales easier. This is a strategy we highly recommend if you want to optimize your social media ads or website content. 

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