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Attract new customers with a custom website

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Stand out with a unique website design for small business

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Since our founding in 2019 our expert team has worked with over 30 businesses and non-profits, built over a dozen websites, designed 11 logos. Our 5-star rating on Google and Facebook is a direct result of the quality of service we provide to our clients.

Read our blog "7 Benefits of website for small business"  to learn more about why a custom site is key to your company's growth.

"A quality website can be the difference between closing a sale or closing the doors."  - Seth Flora

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The LEO guarantee 

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Here at LEO, we understand just how important your site is to your business success. That's why each site we create is designed with both you and your customers in mind. Each site is crafted and designed to not only boost your brand but to turn visitors into customers with exciting copy and tempting calls to action.

Every business is unique in its needs. Because of that, each site is built with high-tech tools to help you crush your goals.

What good is a website if no one is finding it in their searches? It's not. That's why every site we publish has passed our SEO audit and is up to the LEO standard before completion.

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Love the job the guys at LEO did on my website. Huge improvement from our old one and many customers have commented on how they like the changes.
Steven O'Connor

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